Fairytale Fjord + Forest Elopement with Markus & Raphaela

Markus & Raphaela came from Austria for their secret elopement in the fjords. We started the day in Ålesund at Hotel Brosundet and journeyed through the fjords to one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE locations, Geiranger. We couldn’t help but stop along the way to take in the breathtaking view. We entered a somewhat hidden gate and followed a mountain forest path to the place where Marcus & Raphaela would say their vows to each other.


This elopement was really special because it was an intimate spot we recently scouted and no one had ever gotten married there before! With the sun shining on the blue fjord water and the water fall rushing near by—it was pure magic. 

One of the things we love to embrace is the beauty the changing elements can bring. Whether it’s cloudy and moody or sparkling with sun, the experience is amazing every time. Each experience carries it’s own romance and wonder and we love to embrace that! On this day, it was magically warm and full of wonder—a perfect day. 

 After the ceremony we had prepared some chocolate strawberries and champagne for the bride and groom to enjoy alone in the mountain woods. They got cozy in the forest as they sat on sheepskins and took it all in. Your wedding day can be such a whirlwind, t’s important to have a moment to let the wonder of it all catch up to you. Honestly, the beauty is so stimulating that you kind of have to let yourself pause and let it sink all the way in. 

Then we adventured into the base of the fjord to a gorgeous mossy forest, filled with moss and ferns. It was something our bride dreamed about. We got some enchanting forest photos of the two of them. But that was not all, we took them to two more of our favorite spots. The coolest part of this job is getting to be adventure guides— we get take you into the most stunning places on earth.

The couple ended their experience with a nice dinner at Hotel Union and spa in Gerainger. They hooked our couple up with breakfast and spa access the next day. We love working with them because they treat our clients so well. It was the perfect end to the dreamiest fjord + forest elopement.

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