Leo & Hanlin - Mountaintop Ceremony and Bridal Shoot in the fjords

As our first official blog entry here at Promise Mountain, it goes without saying that we are very excited to present our first mountaintop wedding elopement shoot here. Hanlin & Leo were some of the first inspiration that made this dream come alive. As you can see from the images posted on here, a lot of our visual inspiration for our website came from their shoot as well. 

Hanlin & Leo were lovely clients, based out of England and originating from China. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, and a gorgeous couple as well. 

This package was elopement ceremony only, without an officiant-- followed up by a bridal shoot in the nearby mountain top and Stranda fjord region. The lead photographer was Michaela from Michaela Nichole Photography. Lodging was provided by Norwegian Cabins and the mountain top ceremony was held at Strandafjellet. 

We are excited to launch our services and we hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed our time with Hanlin & Leo. 

Congrats again Hanlin & Leo on a beautiful wedding day and marriage celebration! 

For more information about wedding, anniversary or honeymoon adventure packages, please check out our collections page. 

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