Island Escape Elopement, Alnes, Norway

Island Escape Elopement, Alnes, Norway


Escape to Godøya, “The good island” by direct translation. This breathtaking, mountainous island just off the coast of Ålesund is what Scandinavian dreams are made of. Imagine getting married on a wind-swept beach with the island mountain to your left and the iconic Alnes lighthouse behind you. This is the perfect spot to exchange vows and start a life time of adventures together. After the ceremony, enjoy some champagne and take in the moment before taking gorgeous island and beach wedding images to remember the experience forever. 

The Island Escape Elopement Includes:

• 2 nights in Hotel Brosundet Ålesund

• Island wedding ceremony (including officiant and celebration champagne toast)

• 3 hours wedding photography (Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award)

• Stress-free and streamlined wedding planning (voted world’s top 50 wedding planners via Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad Mag)


Promise Mountain Classic - Stranda, Norway

Promise Mountain Classic - Stranda, Norway

promise mountain CLASSIC collection | STRANDA, NORWAy

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This is where it all started. This is Promise MountainImagine getting married on a Norwegian mountaintop with sweeping views of the fjord below and the magnificent Sunnmøre Alps on all sides. After the ceremony you’ll enjoy a mountaintop champagne toast with photos following on both the mountain top and in the lush Norwegian forest below. Enjoy 2 nights in the quaint town of Ålesund at Hotel Brosundet or the Norwegian Cabin Complex.

The Promise Mountain Collection Includes:

• 2 nights in Hotel Brosundet Ålesund or Norwegian Cabins™  luxury cabin complex

• Mountaintop wedding ceremony (including officiant, bridal bouquet, and celebration champagne toast)

• 4 hours wedding photography (Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award)

• Stress-free and streamlined wedding planning (voted world’s top 50 wedding planners via Destination Weddings & Honemoons Abroad Mag)


Geirangerfjord, Norway - Promise Mountain Photography

Geirangerfjord, Norway - Promise Mountain Photography


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Geiranger, is without question one of the most iconic & beautiful locations in Norway. On this adventure, we guide you from Ålesund via car to the quaint mountain village of Geiranger. Once there, we’ll lead you to our ceremony location off the beaten path where you’ll exchange vows and get married surrounded by nothing but epic fjord views of the mountains and sea below. After the ceremony, we'll adventure through the fjord, stopping for photos in several of our favorite locations including the famous Flydalsjuvet overlook, as well as the classic Ørnesvingen lookout. 

We’ll finish the day at Hotel Union where you’ll enjoy a delicious wedding dinner, plus the next two nights of lodging there in a fjord view deluxe hotel room to allow time to take it all in and explore Geiranger on your own. The day after the wedding, relax and unwind in the world-class hotel spa that over looks the fjord as you take in the magical feelings of tying the knot in the most beautiful place on earth.

Geirangerfjord Elopement Adventure Collection includes:

  • Stress-Free + Simplified Wedding Planning (Voted among the top 50 in the world - DWHA magazine) 

  • Professional and courteous Wedding Officiant (Christian & Non-Religious ceremony options)

  • 6 Hours Wedding Photography (Voted Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award)

  • Adventure inspired wedding photography session inside Geirangerfjord

  • 1 night in at Hotel Brosundet Ålesund and 2 nights at Hotel Union Geiranger

  • Custom Floral Wedding Bouquet 

  • Mountain top Champagne toast after ceremony 

  • Wedding Dinner in Restaurant at Hotel Union 

  • Promise Mountain Travel Agent available to help with airfare/car rental/extended stay etc.


The famous swing at Trandal, Norway - Promise Mountain Photography

The famous swing at Trandal, Norway - Promise Mountain Photography


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Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime with our brand new Sail & Swing wedding collection. Come aboard our charter sail boat and relax as we journey through one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, Hjørundfjord. We’ll guide you to several gorgeous fjord views and when the moment is just right, you’ll tie the knot and exchange vows on board with nothing but incredible views on all sides. 

After the ceremony, you’ll pop some bubbly and cut into your wedding cake before stopping at the gorgeous swing & mountainside village of Trandal, reachable only by boat. Here we’ll take some photos on the swing and enjoy some refreshments before continuing the journey back to Ålesund where you’ll enjoy a private wedding + drinks in your top-level suite inside Hotel Brosundet, one of Ålesund’s most popular, upper-scale hotels. 

Geirangerfjord Elopement Adventure Collection includes:

  • Stress-Free Wedding Planning

  • 4 Nights nights in top-level Hotel Brosundet Suite

  • Professional Wedding Officiant

  • 6 Hours Wedding Photography

  • Private Sailboat Charter

  • Sailboat Wedding Ceremony

  • Stop at Trandal Swing (Christian Gård)

  • Private Helicopter Charter and Fjord Tour

  • Custom Wedding Cake & Champagne Toast

  • Custom Designed Floral Wedding Bouquet

  • Wedding Dinner Prepared by Local Chef

  • Add up to 8 Guests (*additional lodging/meal cost)

Sunnmøre, Norway

Sunnmøre, Norway

Honeymoon Adventure Packages: 

Looking for an amazing way to celebrate your honeymoonConsider a romantic adventure package in the fjords of Norway. 

For our honeymoon packages, we base our package contents on that of our wedding collections, however, we change out the mountaintop ceremony for a mountaintop champagne toast followed up by the mountaintop bridal shoot. This means only a slight adjustment in schedule and pricing. Email us for current pricing on Honeymoon packages. 



Anniversary & Vow Renewal Adventure Packages: 

As with our Honeymoon packages, we base our Anniversary & Vow Renewal packages on the same structure as our Wedding packages, with the option to leave the mountaintop ceremony out (anniversaries) or in the case of a vow renewal, we are happy to keep the ceremony in place to create an amazing atmosphere as you re-commit your marriage to each other. 

Please email us with your specific requests, or ideas and we would be happy to create the perfect package that suits you best. 




Please note: The coast of Norway is an incredible place geographically and with that comes the wild and untamed coastal weather we know and love. If the planned ceremony time is hindered by limiting weather conditions such as rain/wind, we will consider our options and potentially move the ceremony location elsewhere or re-schedule for later in the day (or in rare cases) the following day. We often shoot in windy or partially wet conditions, and we love the mood it creates in our images. Please stay flexible and open minded for the ceremony and photo shoot and we promise to deliver amazing images no matter what the day brings!