We are storytellers. Dreamers. Explorers. 


After living in the fjord region of Norway for more than 3 years, company founder Michaela Potterbaum realized just how impacted and changed she was from living life surrounded by such immense beauty...  "Living among the fjords, mountains and unreal landscapes that Norway has to offer was undoubtedly life-changing for me. After experiencing that kind of beauty you can’t just walk away and pretend everything is the same as before. I will forever see the world differently”.

While in Norway, Michaela also had the privilege of photographing several weddings in the region and in the end, walked away with a dream to create a company that curated private adventure wedding & vow renewal packages that allowed couples to adventure throughout the most stunning parts of the Sunnmøre region and tie the knot on those very Norwegian mountaintops and fjord inlets. The idea is to set each couple up for the romantic adventure of a lifetime by creating a wedding experience that leaves each couple deeply impacted by the regions landscape, and more in love than ever.

In fall 2018, we are excited to expand our services to the Nashville, TN region of America, where we will be offering elopement and anniversary packages in the beautiful waterfall region just outside Nashville. 

Think: mountaintop vow ceremonies, waterfall elopements (US), fjord-side spa experiences, kayaking, hiking, world-class food or sitting by the warm fire in your luxury cabin on the lake. 

We believe that love was never meant to be contained. Here’s to life-long promises made on the most beautiful mountaintops one may see. 




Our staff have over 9 years experience working in the wedding industry throughout Norway, the US, and several other countries around the world. In addition, we have spent years exploring the Sunnmøre region and are ready to curate your very own romantic wedding adventure of a lifetime.



If there's one thing we do well, it's the views. Well, actually, we don't do the views, we simply take you to them. Our professional photographers are trained and ready to tell the story of your romantic adventure, so all you need to do is relax, and enjoy the journey! 



We love our clients and strive to make sure our guests are well taken care of while on their romantic wedding adventure. Got an idea for your adventure? Shoot us a message and let's create the dream itinerary together. After all, it's your wedding. Make it amazing. 



FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

(For Norway Packages - Email for Nashville FAQ)


Do we have to be outdoorsy and/or physically fit people to be able to enjoy and keep up with these "adventure" packages? 

Glad you asked. The simple answer is no. Although it will always be a plus to be in shape and ready to enjoy the vast landscape that Norway has to offer we have pre-selected stunning locations that most people in "average shape" can easily access and enjoy.

For example, each mountaintop ceremony is pre-planned for mountains that already have a gondola that runs in the summer and will bring everyone up to the mountain top with ease. Once on top there may be 5-15 minutes of light hiking across a rocky surface to the ceremony location so we recommend you bring shoes that you can walk in and change out of once at the designated spot. 

For the adventure day trips it will be up to each couple how much they want to hike and explore in each region (specifically referring to Geiranger or Trollstigen). It is possible to drive to the main lookout points and simply enjoy the view with minimal walking. However, if you would like to venture further out on the local trails, you are most welcome. There is a lot to discover and enjoy in Sunnmøre. 


How does weather factor into these adventure collections? 

The coast of Norway is an incredible place geographically and with that comes the wild and untamed coastal weather we know and love. If the planned ceremony time is hindered by limiting weather conditions such as rain/wind, we will consider our options and potentially move the ceremony location elsewhere or re-schedule for later in the day (or in rare cases) the following day. We often shoot in windy or partially wet conditions, and we love the mood it creates in our images. Please stay flexible and open minded for the ceremony and photo shoot and we promise to deliver amazing images no matter what the day brings! 


How do legalities work when it comes to being married in Norway? 

If you are not a Norwegian citizen, you will need to be married legally in the country of origin before coming to Norway to do the mountaintop ceremony. Our packages include a legally certified officiant, however, for non Norwegians, this means we offer the "symbolic ceremony” only. Not the legal part of it. If you have more questions regarding this, please don't hesitate to ask us. 


What time of year are your packages available? 

Due to the fact that we only service a limited number of our adventure wedding packages per year, we currently only offer our packages from June-September. If you have another time of year that you would like to book, please email us to see if we may be able to set something up for you. 


Where are we based? 

Part of our team is located in Norway and part of our team is located in Nashville, TN USA. Therefore, we are globally based but work with the very best wedding vendors in the Sunnmøre region for each hand-curated wedding collection.


Can we bring our own priest or wedding officiant? 

Absolutely. Please let us know if you will be pre-arranging your own officiant.  


Can we bring our family or friends? 

At this point we are equipped to host the bridal couple and up to 6 others for an additional cost during the duration of the adventure package. We have just started offering “micro-wedding packages” that can facilitate up to 35 guests. Please email for more info.

NOTE: It may be possible to host your guests in the Norwegian Cabins complex depending on the date. Please email us with your enquiry and we can let you know. 


We’d love to purchase a package, but in another area. Is this possible? 

Currently we service the Ålesund area in Norway (and surrounding fjords) as well as Nashville, TN and soon Puerto Rico.

If you have another area in mind, we’d love to chat with you more about the options. Generally speaking the cost may different slightly depending on local costs of the region you are getting married in. We also need to factor in travel fees for at least 2 of our staff. 

We are interested in photography only, can you help us with this?

Yes, we direct our clients to Michaela Nichole Photography for all "photography only" inquiries. Check out her website at: michaelanichole.com for more info.