Carrie & Andrew's Dream Norway Adventure Elopement with Family

THAT moment— where the beauty of the surrounding and the “we really just did this” feeling sinks in and turns into an uncontainable laughter. There really is nothing like that mountaintop bliss that comes right after our adventure couples say their vows. Without fail—every time— our couples get contagiously giddy. It’s like it all catches up to them— the magic of expressing their love in the most beautifully wild place—the adventure of it all. 


This time our couple brought a few of their favorite people with them and after they said their hand-written vows they all enjoyed cake and champagne at the top of the mountain together (cake by Black Stag Food and Catering). If it’s your DREAM to have an adventure elopement somewhere exotic with your lover but you can’t bare not to have Mom or Dad there to watch you make the most important decision of your life…Carrie and Andrew are the perfect example that you CAN have your cake and eat it, too! It’s TOTALLY possible to elope with you your family and closest friends! 

We started the day in downtown Ålesund, a charming coastal town in the famous Art Nouveau style, where the family stayed together in our preferred hotel. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design and waterfront views, you’ll love this place! Carrie and Andrew met on the dock of the hotel for their First Look before we all set out on our scenic drive to the mountain! Huge thanks to our favorite local hair stylist, Anniken, for making Carrie look and feel amazing.

One of my favorite moments is when the couple gets high enough in the gondola to our ceremony spot to see the opening of the fjord and mountain view. In that moment it gets REAL. Carrie and Andrew could hardly hold in their excitement!

The family took a small hike to the perfect ceremony location. The mood reflected Andrew and Carrie’s personality— hilarious and fun. Your day should reflect who you are. But no matter the mood, it always gets emotional when the bride and groom say their vows. It’s as though time freezes for a second in this rich moment of wonder and raw beauty. The mood can be light and fun— but for a moment— there’s a reverent hush and the beauty of the surroundings perfectly matches the beauty of what’s happening inside. That moment is PURE MAGIC. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. 

Carrie and Andrew gathered around their family to celebrate. No one could hold in the sheer joy of what just happened. There were sheepskins, champagne glasses, and cake prepared for them, thoughtful touches our packages include. We can’t forget to mention our favorite local florist that made Carrie’s gorgeous bouquet, Bindiriet. We really do work with the best local artisans in the area!

We got the dreamiest photos of these lovebirds with the pockets of snow scattered through out—the perks of getting married on the mountain in May or early June! It’s easy to have your photos taken when you’re so caught up in the beauty and wonder of the whole experience. But the adventure didn’t stop there— we went down into the base of the fjord and into a romantic pine tree forest for a whole new look and experience. 

You really can have it all— mountain, forest, water. And you CAN have an adventure elopement with your friends and family! Who says you can’t have your dream adventure elopement?! We got you. 

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